About us

Who we are

 Cleveland’s Own Best of the Best Television Network  

Our mission is to bring inspirational stories and performers to a New Platform. To uplift, encourage, inspire, educate, and entertain our community and others around us.

This live-streaming media creates an opportunity for a wide variety of content use.

This media broadcasting gives our community the opportunity to network together.

To help break the stigma on mental health. To help create a more positive and influential atmosphere.

The world/media plays a significant role in forming and shaping the minds of our children and play an important part in their minds and behavior.

BBTV Network is a community networking together to make certain we’re doing our part to create a safe and harmless environment by way of television. BBTV network is an essential tool created to advocate for our children, young people, and families. And, also gives way for an opportunity to help strengthen our community and build strong economical and educational value.

The Cleve’s Own BBTV Network is designed to create a healthy reality for our now and future generations, whose lives are underprivileged, and underserved and who also deserve the opportunity to be seen and heard. Learn morehttps://clevelandbbtv.com/learnmore/